Rio – The City of Joy

There is no denying that Brazil is the most important country in the South American continent, both in size, economy and tourism. A country that has such diverse geography and wildlife is, no doubt, a much-desired destination to any world-traveller. And while visiting the Amazonas may sound like a great plan at first, there is one place that it is much more recommendable for the non-adventurous: Río. Río de Janeiro is the most famous Brazilian city in the world. It used to be Brazil’s capital city until the creation of Brasilia in the 60s, though it has remained the second most populated city in the country. In 2008, the city earned the title of Main Touristic Destination in the Southern Hemisphere, with almost 3 million visitors. 

Travellers will be amazed by the iconic wonders of Río de Janeiro, such as the giant Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking the city – an actual Wonder of the Modern World -, the Pan de Azúcar cliff on the Guanabara Bay, as well as the many excellent beaches Río is so well known for, the main one being Copacabana. There, Brazilians and tourists celebrate the arrival of the new year with fantastic firework displays all over the bay. However, no event will ever surpass the most crowded one in the whole continent: The Río de Janeiro Carnival. Thousands of samba dancers from the schools in the carioca and Fluminense neighbourhoods take a chance at the Sambódromo da Marquês de Sapucaí in front of a jury for the best score. Tourists do not need to access this very exclusive parade to enjoy the carnival. Somewhere between February and March, the whole city of Río becomes a giant celebration filled with street performers. There also are hundreds of private parties and parades that occur all over the place during this time, available for visitors to enjoy.

Río de Janeiro is not only an economical and cultural capital of the world but its involvement in sports in the last century has turned the city into an athletic capital as well, most notably thanks to football. The world-famous Maracaná Stadium was built for the Brazil ’50 World Cup, where Uruguay gave Brazil the terrible Maracanazo, defeating them in the finals of the tournament. This stadium, another staple in Río de Janeiro, was the stage for much of the Brazil ’14 World Cup as well, most notably the final match. Río de Janeiro was also the first South American city to be the home of the Summer Olympic Games in 2016. Sports fans in Río should not forget to visit the Maracaná Stadium and the Olympic Park for all their sports historical value. 

Río has got some of the most wonderful beaches in all of South America. This city fit for all travellers who are looking to enjoy wonderful scenery and relax with a piña colada by the sea.

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